Our Digital Signage Software for menu boards and digital price boards can be used as a solution with one, 2 or 3 or even several digital signage monitors or also Smart TVs. There are many technical possibilities and combinations with our software and hardware!


Uses for menu boards and price boards

Digital price boards and menu boards have a variety of uses. Due to the possibility of individual content design, different customer groups are ideally addressed. Time-shifted campaigns with different content can be played out in order to increase the changing offers and sales.

Digital menu boards, the flexible and effective form of presentation for menus, offers, price lists, promotions and much more distributed across several monitors!


What is a digital shop window?

Digital means:

  • fast, uncomplicated exchangeable
  • eye-catching multimedia animated
  • attractive and informative
  • time-passing and product-promoting
  • no more paper, no more posters, no more signs

Digital price boards and menu boards are “state of the art”

Digital price boards are not only “very fancy,” but also really effective for your company! Make use of the many advantages. You will have more time for more important things and be with your family sooner.


Applications for menu boards and price boards

Digital advertising to pass the time at the point of wait and increase sales!

Posters are a thing of the past! Digital menu boards are ideal for attractively packaged information, prices, promotions and much more.

Use menu boards and price boards as digital CUSTOMER STOPPERS.


Our Digital Menu Boards are simply digital displays or screens that are used in restaurants, cafes, fast food chains and other catering establishments to display your menus and food offers and promotions. Instead of traditional static menu boards or printed menus, digital menu boards are used to display dynamic and interactive content – no agency or printing costs and of course changed in seconds!


We typically use high-resolution, energy-saving screens that are available in various sizes and formats. These are installed on walls, behind the counter or in other strategic locations in the restaurant to attract customers’ attention.


The advantages of digital menu boards lie in their flexibility and user-friendliness. Restaurant owners can quickly and easily update the content to show special offers, new dishes or changes to the menu. By using animated graphics, images and videos, they can also create engaging visual presentations that can awake customers’ interest and influence their ordering decisions.


In addition, digital menu boards also enable the integration of real-time information such as waiting times, daily specials or special events. Our menu board solutions can also be connected to other systems in the restaurant, such as a website, POS systems or management software, to ensure seamless updating of menu information. We can also provide digital menu boards and online or traditional print menu printing solutions.


Overall, digital menu boards offer a modern and appealing way to present food offerings and improve communication between restaurants and customers. Our digital signage offerings are effective solutions to optimize the customer experience, increase sales and improve restaurant operations.


There are many advantages to using digital menu boards in catering establishments:


Digital menu boards allow restaurant owners to change or customize content quickly and easily. New dishes, special offers or seasonal menus can be easily updated without having to replace printed materials.

Dynamic content:

By using animations, videos and appealing graphics, digital menu boards can present eye-catching and appealing content. This helps to attract customers’ attention and increase their interest in the food and drinks on offer.


With digital menu boards, information can be updated in real time. This means that customers are always informed about current offers, availability and prices. This reduces misunderstandings and irritation due to outdated information.

Upselling and Cross-Selling:

Digital menu boards can help to increase sales by offering targeted upselling and cross-selling opportunities. The targeted presentation of combination offers, additional ingredients or drinks specials can encourage customers to place larger orders or order additional products.

Space-saving and environmentally friendly:

Unlike traditional printed menus, digital menu boards do not require any physical space. This allows restaurants to use space more efficiently and offer customers more convenience. In addition, digital menu boards reduce the need for printed materials, resulting in a more environmentally friendly solution.

Centralized administration:

Digital menu boards can be managed centrally, especially if several locations are operated. Changes can be made from a central location and transferred to all locations, saving time and effort.

Interaction and commitment:

Some digital menu boards offer interactive features such as touchscreens where customers can place their orders or access more information about the food. This increases customer engagement and gives them a personalized experience.


These advantages make digital menu boards an attractive solution for food service businesses, as they improve the customer experience, increase efficiency and boost sales.