Our solution for digital room signage can be used with or without touch operation. With touch operation, you can of course offer your visitors absolute added value. They provide interactive information about the supporting program, canteen and menu, sights, local transport and much more.

The use of digital room signage offers you absolute advantages:

Flexibility and updating:

Digital room signage enables information to be updated quickly and easily. Changes such as room occupancy, schedules or events can be updated in real time without having to replace printed signs.

Dynamic content:

With digital room signage, you can not only display static text, but also use graphics, images, videos or animations. This enables an appealing presentation of information that attracts the attention of visitors.

Central control:

Digital room signage can be centrally controlled and managed via our management software, also known as BackOffice. This allows you to synchronize and control information across multiple displays. This makes it easier to update and manage content in different rooms and locations.

Time saving:

Compared to traditional printed signs, digital room signage saves time and effort when creating, printing and replacing signs. Information can be updated quickly and efficiently without the need for additional resources or personnel.

Interaction and adaptation:

In our concept, digital room signage can offer interactive functions such as touchscreens or QR codes. Users can call up information, obtain further details or make bookings directly via the display. This enables a personalized and interactive experience for visitors.

Emergency messages and notifications:

Our Digital Room Signage solution can also be used to quickly and effectively disseminate emergency messages, contact details or important notifications and display escape routes. In the event of evacuations, schedule changes or other urgent information, users can be informed quickly and clearly.

Environmental friendliness:

By using our digital room signage, less paper and printed materials are required, contributing to a more environmentally friendly solution. This reduces paper consumption and the waste associated with replacing printed signs.


Digital room signage offers an efficient and flexible way to display information in rooms or buildings. It improves communication, saves time and resources and enables an interactive and personalized experience for your visitors.