Nowadays, no showroom, trade fair or event should be without an Infothek. The interactive concept allows visitors to navigate to where we want them to go. Products can be presented, companies, innovations – and everything via touch and multimedia. The whole thing can be done online with or without an Internet connection.

Our Infotheques are advertising, information and service terminals with touch operation at the same time.

The touch operating concept ensures simple and intuitive menu navigation and therefore the perfect multimedia presentation.

Targeted customer guidance – the user can obtain information independently via touchscreen and you determine in advance which message will reach them.

The Infothek should also be part of today’s marketing strategy to support consultations and product presentations, as it turns a consultation into a sales pitch with consistent quality.

Whether trade fair stands, hotels, public administration, car dealerships or other presentations – with a product screen, an information center is the all-rounder and motivates interested parties to interact intuitively – in the best case to buy.


The simple solution when it comes to modern and digital presentation!



Using an infotheque product screen, also known as a digital signage touch display, in an infotheque or retail, exhibition or showroom environment offers various benefits:

Attractive product presentation:

Infothek product screens enable an appealing and visually appealing presentation of products. High-resolution images, videos and animations allow products to be shown in their best form, arousing customers’ interest and attracting their attention.

Flexibility in updating content:

With our Infothek product screen, content can be updated quickly and easily. Price changes, special offers or new products can be displayed in real time without having to replace printed materials. This enables information to be disseminated efficiently and promptly.

Increase in customer interaction:

Infothek product screens offer interactive functions such as touchscreens or QR code concepts that allow customers to call up further information about a product or get in touch with you for further information. This encourages customer interaction and gives them a personalized experience.

Cross-Selling and Upselling:

By using Infothek product screens, companies can make targeted use of cross-selling and upselling opportunities. Additional products or accessories can be visually highlighted and linked to the main products to encourage customers to make further purchases.

Time saving and efficiency:

Using an Infothek product screen allows staff to save time by not having to update or replace printed materials. New information can be easily updated via our central back office and management system and synchronized across all screens.

Customer-oriented information:

Infothek product screens can also provide additional useful information for customers, such as product reviews, application examples or comparison tables. This helps customers to make informed purchasing decisions and strengthen their trust in the company.

Brand presentation:

Infothek product screens provide an opportunity to present the brand and corporate image. By using specific colors, logos and brand messages, companies can strengthen their brand identity and create a uniform appearance.


These benefits make our Infotheque product screens an effective solution for presenting products in Infotheques and informing customers. They improve the customer experience, increase engagement and help to increase sales.