Funktionen / Highlights der Digitalen Speisekarte

Basic data, Location description
Restaurant orientation
Opening hours, Kitchen hours
Location pictures
Capture, manage, print, publish
Food history, archive for quick selection
Pictures of all dishes, drinks, menus
Daily, lunch, and weekly menus
Complete menu and drink cards
Allergens and additives cards
Print cards with your own design
Allergens and additives management
Local printing of all cards
Multilingualism DE/EN
iFrame for life integration of all cards into own websites
Integration of menu cards also as PDF document
Automatic updating of cards
Email management with distribution function for regular customers
Posting cards on Facebook

Functions / Highlights of Digital Signage

What Customers Say About the Digital Menu

Schönbuch Brauhaus Böblingen, Stuttgart, Calw

I must say, a truly comprehensive menu solution. Saves time and nerves. Operation is simple, functional, and we can even play our price display digitally. German/English was important for us, and the ability to print our narrow weekly insert and allergens and additives ourselves. The Facebook integration is a nice bonus, but what was important to us is the automatic updating of our websites. A clear recommendation for this solution that exceeded our expectations.

Brauhaus Böblingen

Ristorante Sale e Pepe

We've already digitized a lot with KOMPASS, but this menu solution is top-notch. We can update our changes anytime with the smartphone and tablet, and the software updates our website immediately. The ticker function has often helped us immediately inform our customers. Operation is typical KOMPASS, totally simple and stable. I can absolutely recommend it.

Sale e Pepe

Mr. Balkan Express

I don't have time to operate the computer, and I'm glad that I can do everything from my phone with this solution. It's a quick and easy solution, but it can do a lot more. I manage my menu, which is automatically updated on my website, but also my menu boards are immediately supplied with price and dish changes. It's quick and easy. It really saves me time and costs.

Mr. Balkan Express

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