A simple price is as meaningless as an hourly wage. What matters is the goal, the result, the efficiency and the potential savings. After all, our
digital signage software products optimize processes and exploit potential savings, thereby reducing costs. Nevertheless, everything has a price, of course. The software, or better still the digital signage solution, simply has to be worth it. In our case, licensing is based on the number of installations or number of screens.
We have various license models here.

The components required for a digital signage solution are as follows:



There is the BackOffice component for managing and configuring screens. The BackOffice is usually located on one of our web servers, i.e. in the cloud, and communicates with the screen(s). Content and screens are managed via this.



The second component is the actual screen software, which is played directly via the screen or touchscreen and displays the desired content. In the best case scenario, this is an Android-based system or a PC-based system with a Windows operating system.



The third component is the digital signage hardware (screens with a PC system or with Android media players). It always depends on what demands are placed on the solution with regard to the content to be displayed. It is often perfectly sufficient to use a screen with an integrated Android operating system, as this is not only the most cost-effective solution, but also because no additional components are required (media player or PC system). We can supply you with both variants. As mentioned, this depends on the concept and the content. But we would be happy to go through this with you.



As a service provider, we naturally offer “turnkey solutions”. The installation is charged once. Briefing and training naturally depend on the user’s level of knowledge. Don’t worry, our software is really simple at first glance, even in terms of operation – but it comes with a powerful WordPress back office. This means that virtually nothing is impossible.



Here, too, we have the right solution for every budget.



That leaves the content for the screens. We are happy to provide support here with our artists, our media designers and our marketing and visual communication specialists. From simple digital posters to complex animations, explanatory videos and scribbles, we can do just about anything. All our websites are 100% created by us without any outside help. Design, marketing and communication are our absolute hobbyhorses.

As a digital signage software manufacturer, we are also happy to implement individual projects true to the motto “Doesn’t work doesn’t exist and doesn’t exist doesn’t work“. We love digital signage!

But now to the prices of the following KOMPASS digital signage solutions for which we can grant the corresponding rights of use:

  • Digital menu boards & price boards
  • Digital advertising and shop window screens
  • Infotheques as product screens with touch (Android-based)
  • Info screens and kiosk systems (Android-based)
  • Event screens with touch (Android based)
  • Digital room signage with and without touch function

Our digital signage workflow solution for hotels and restaurants in the area of digital menus with digital menu showcases is licensed as follows:


Digital menu solution with showcase, administration, printing and web update

Our prices for digital menu solutions are as follows:



The size of the project, number of displays, selected digital signage software package, screen hardware quality and sizes in addition to your specific requirements determine the costs.

Hardware costs:
This includes the costs for the displays (LED screens, LCD monitors, video walls, steles, bright shop window screens, etc.), media players or mini PCs, mountings, cables and possibly concepts tailored to interactive touchscreen technology.

Digital signage software license costs:
The cost of the digital signage software varies depending on the functions, scalability and support options.

Content costs, content production:
You need to consider the costs of creating or procuring content for your advertising project. Meaningful images, eye-catching videos, animated graphics and texts are a must, because: “Content is king”. You may even need a content strategy tailored to your target group.

Installation and setup:
The costs for installing the hardware, cabling, assembly and setting up the software must also be factored in.

Maintenance, helpdesk and support:
If you require technical support, helpdesk, software updates or maintenance and support services, these will incur additional costs.

Internet connection:
Depending on your requirements and the type of content update, you will also need a reliable Internet connection.

If you plan to expand the system to multiple locations or displays, you will need to factor in the cost of additional hardware and licenses.

Additional integration:
If you require integrations with other systems, your website or social media, databases or third-party applications, these integrations will also incur additional costs. Feel free to ask us about this.